Starting Novemer 27, 2023, 4KidHelp and Adults will utilize Zoom for all of our Telehealth visits. We have changed so that:

  • More than one person can be on the same call (everyone uses the same link)

  • Better image resolution

  • Less dropped calls

To prepare for your visit, please ensure you have downloaded the Zoom app on the device you plan to use for connecting with us. If you already have the Zoom app installed, you are ready to go.

For those who do not have the Zoom app, visit this page and select the most suitable app for your situation:

Install the app and create an account which is free.

To join the visit, simply click the link provided in the table below, or manually enter it into the address bar of your preferred browser. No Meeting ID or Password is required. It’s as simple as that!

• Call or Text the Office at (330) 433-1300 Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 5 PM to schedule an appointments. We are happy to help you.

• If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thanks.