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Welcome to 4KidHelp!

At 4KidHelp and Adults our primary goal is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and specialized mental health counseling and medical services. Our growing practice utilizes mixed therapies to meet the needs of each individual client.

We see children, adolescents and adults in a sacred trust, starting with a thorough evaluation. We are a practice of experience, having over 20 years on average per professional on our staff. We do not “push” medications; medications are one option which may or may not be right for any one person. We sit with families to discern the reasons for a problem and then work together to find the best solutions for that family, either within our practice or with outside resources. We have counseling services available in our practice if that is desired by families.

Reasons to see a Mental Health Professional

If you or your child are experiencing any of the following at school or work:

  • problems with anger or mood swings

  • unable to pay attention, easily distracted

  • depression or increased irritability

  • unable to focus or concentrate

  • sexual or physical assault

  • hearing voices or seeing hallucinations

  • performance at school or work has markedly dropped without a reason

  • street drug use

  • withdrawn and having difficulty interacting with peers

  • learning problems which haven’t been solved at school or work

  • inappropriate sexual behaviour

  • experiencing other difficulties not listed here

  • cannot sleep

  • problems with anger or mood swings

  • problems with tics which are annoying

  • is anxious

  • is hyperactive

The 4KidHelp Approach

Accurate Diagnosis
Care and Belief in God
Strength of Family
Multiple Approaches

A New Offering: Parent Child Interaction Therapy

We aim to assist families in developing effective communication. Occasionally, toddlers and young children (2-7 years old) exhibit challenging behavior that may not respond to conventional parenting approaches. Thankfully, there exists a structured form of parent-child therapy known as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) that has demonstrated considerable success. Tyler Sims, one of our Providers, has undergone training to offer this service. If you would like to explore further information about PCIT, kindly click the button below.

Our Skilled Team Includes:

Thomas (Lee) Reynolds, M.D.

Board Certified Child, Adolescent, Adult and Addictions Psychiatrist

Rita Weiss

Physician Assistant

Leslie Frybarger


Gail Weisend

Licensed Independent Social Worker – Supervisor

Muffy Stewart

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervisor

Tyler Sims

Licensed Social Worker, Master’s Level

Kirsten Conrad


Our Location

4368 Dressler Rd. NW   Canton, OH 44718